Kavya Madhavan - Powerhouse Of Expertise

Kavya Madhavan was born on September 19, 1984 inside the village of Nileshwaram in Kasargod district, Kerala, India. She did her education at Nileswaram Rajas Highschool along with which she entered the South Indian film business as child artist.

She first appeared in Kamal's movie Pookalam Varavayi (1991). Her expertise was shortly identified, and he or she was provided to consider up other projects much too as a kid artist. It can be thought that on account of Kavya Madhavan's fantastic dancing expertise she identified it a littler simpler than her contemporaries to walk The trail of accomplishment so early in her daily life.

The turning level in her profession came with Lal Jose movie Chandanudikkunna Dikkil, Which became a super strike Film. At that time Kavya Madhavan dokvalifikacija was just in ninth standard! However, it opened a lot of doors of possibilities for her in Malayalam movies. It's been claimed that she could prekvalifikacija be the busiest feminine star prekvalifikacija in Malayalam who shares effective monitor chemistry with many best heroes.

Some of her preferred motion pictures are Mizhi Randilum, Dosth, Madhura Nombarakattu, Sadananthante Samayam and Meesa Madhavan of which the last Motion picture bagged a report collection in Malayalam movie sector. Apart from this, Kavya Madhavan has also performed in selected Tamil films including Kasi which was seemingly her very first movie in Tamil and prosperous a single too.

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